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that. i'll tell you a couple of reasons why. senator stabenow had a chart about how great the economy or the fiscal situation of the country looked about the tile president bush took office. well, the last month of president obama's -- president clinton's term in office was meggive growth -- was negative growth. and i think that was the fishes month of negative -- and i think that was the first month of meggivmonth ofnegative growth it years. president obama didn't inherit a recession. former president bush did have a recession in his second year or so of his term and he took action and whatever, the economy bounced back and by the time president clinton took office, the economy was growing, and it's continued to fr grow throuh the decade. we don't know all those forces. we play politics about it, but nobody really knows precisely what moves an economy, whether it was something ten years ago or something ten months ago because of the difficulty. we just make guesses and we just do our best judgment. so here we go. in early 2000, i'm on the budget committee, and mr. greenspan testifies
. >> i like it. you get your chance, take it. >> okay. we will start there actually. president obama touched down in the west bank city of ramallah this morning and great by president abbas of the palestinian authority kicking off the second leg of his four-day visit to the middle east. today, the israel army confirmed four rockets were fired from the gaza strip landing in southern israel and causing some damage. the rocket strike, which has not been claimed by any palestinian militant group, is the second violation of the cease-fire that ended the clash between the hamas and israel this past november. yesterday, the president's meeting with israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu focused on another threat to israel in the region. it runs nuclear ambitions. >> we agree that a nuclear armed iran would be a threat to the region, a threat to the world, and potentially an threat to israel. all options are on the table. we will do what is necessary to prevent iran from getting the world's worst weapons. >> richard, help somebody out at home who is watching this. the president of the unit
better relations with the arab world. there was a great deal of hope, including in ramallah. i was there the other day. there were protests against president obama. there are posters all around ramallah, criticizing this trip. pictures of the president burned, protests for several days. to the point you made, just this morning he went to the israeli museum. he will come back to jerusalem to give a speech to the israeli people. just a few hours in ramallah with the palestinian president. there's a lot of questions in the palestinian leadership. again it's a fractured palestinian leadership. is this president now so desperate to repair relations with israel that he won't be an honest broker? >> we know that expectations at the white house are low, trying to keep expectations low for the outcome of this trip. we know the president is there in a listening capacity, but how is he working -- is he working to facilitate new peace talks? >> reporter: yes, but i think is the correct answer there, christine. if you talk to israeli officials, palestinian officials, white house officials,
and their spouses who are less easily to identify, but we've got to try. >> reporter: exactly right, yeah, great stuff. >> megyn: got to pay forward. trace, thanks. it's been three years to the day since barack obama signed the health care law and only a few months until it fully takes effect. today we'll look at claims that big parts of the system will not be ready when that day comes and what does that mean for you? and kelly's court takes up the case of a single mom fired on charges of gross misconduct for selling girl scout cookies at work, have you ever done this for your kid? think again. plus, outrage is growing after a reality tv show uses a painful memory in vietnam as a set piece in their show. oh, how they appear to celebrate this downed b-52. our own bob beckel was one of those most upset. he joins us to explain why he's so mad and why he thinks this is so disrespectful and why he's not buying the network's excuse. >> i'm so outraged by this i can't believe it. cbs is idiotic, stupid, the idea they would-- don't blame it on young producers, if cbs can't do better than that, half the
the chris hayes' special after. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. have a great night. >>> history was made in israel today, by the president of the united states. >> so long as there is a united states of america -- >> president obama is set to give a major speech. >> a high-profile address. [ speaking in foreign language ] you are not alone. >> this is the visit the israeli people wanted to see. >> it is an important speech. >> the centerpiece -- >> america will do what we must to prevent a nuclear-armed iran. >> president obama spoke directly. >> the speech that extended close to 50 minutes, president obama tackled the two-state solution. >> the united states is deeply committed. the time is now. >> no wall is high enough, no iron dome is strong enough. >> there is so much symbolism here. >> israel is not going anywhere. >> no doubt, this visit has been a success. >> get ready, america, for a brand new republican party. >> i know what our principles are. >> marriage is between one man and one woman. >> i know our party believes that marriage is between one man and o
a kick out of david callahan because he is a smart guy, works for -- that's great. but he is really saying that i'm entitled to your damn money. just because i have. >> bill: the federal government under president obama believes they are entitled. >> they believe it they are doing it. >> bill: because that's your fair share. that fair share thing is what this is all under. >> that fair share right now amount 25%. 25% of the taxpayers paying 95% of the taxes in this country. that is so screwed up. >> bill: other 75% pay taxes on everything else. >> sure, property taxes, sales taxes. >> bill: it's not like they are getting a free ride. that's where romney made his mistake. even people who make 40, 35,000. every time they turn around, sales tax, tolls, register your car, bang, bang, bang. >> i had asked and asked and asked much this administration, this white house, this president, the democrats in congress, what then is the number? what is the number you want? they won't answer. >> bill: they want everything. restaurants in the u.s.a. people dining out less. is this a pure don't have
us. good to see you k.t. >> great to see you. >> arthel: before i ask you your overall grade. i want to go down to specific subjects and iran wanting to get nukes. to diffuse some of the tension between president obama and netanyahu. of course president obama is saying to netanyahu, look, do what you got to do, we got your back. how do you see it moving forward? >> i think this was a successful trip. what he did, what president obama did was to give netanyahu a green light. do what you got to do and we've got your back. they have said that before but in the press conference, i thought was very revealing. they kept repeating it. president obama then said we're going to give you a lot more assistance, military assistance to deal with that. netanyahu thanked him for it and said at the end of the press conference that he couldn't resist, now for all of those, i want to make sure you understand the president has really done something significant. he is going to give us the military assistance that we need. i think to translate it all, netanyahu, you do what you got to do. you've got a gre
's movement, all that great activism they produced, and that -- all of that, we're seeing that play out today. whether it's the election of barack barack obama or continued advancement of women in congress. there's a lot of work left undone, and i think that there's -- we now spend 3/4 of our entitlement money on people who are over the age of 30. used to be we spent 3/4 on people under the age of 30. it's not a question of generational warfare, but i think we need to have a conversation about how we're dividing our priorities. this is not a generation that expects to get those entitlements. my general has any belief the government is going to give them that money -- >> host: well, the activism you talked about, from the baby-boomer generation, that activism that has trickled down to millenials or do you see them as more politically apathetic? >> guest: i think the activism of that generation was very much instilled in the millenials, the children of the boomers, as we were growing up. the generation of people who read us the news, and taught this idea of values and the way that you should be
to you. >> great to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> so president obama nominating thomas perez as the next labor secretary filling the seat vacant since january, and rich edson is live outside the white house with more on that. rich? >> held a similar position for the state of maryland, recent position is the department of justice leading up to civil rights division. president obama in his nomination says that he believes that thomas perez will push his administration's priorities at the labor department. >> we're going to have to work very hard to make sure that folks find jobs with good wages and good benefits. we have to make sure veterans returning home from iraq and afghanistan have a chance to put their incredible skills and leadership to work at home. we need to build ag immigration system that works for every employee and every family and every business. >> some republicans criticizing the pick according to a department of justice inspector general report showing deep ideological divisions within the department that thomas perez headed up predating the obama administrat
all the ethical issues. and that's why i think it's a great area for debate. >> lisa, thank you for that. >>> president obama's first trip to israel as commander in chief under way. cnn's erin burnett is going "out front" on the story. >> we're going to be talking to the man of the moment as the "jerusalem post" dubbed bennett, when it all came down to it in the israeli government, he is one of the top guys. he'll be our special guest this evening and we're going to talk about a man that mayor bloomberg in new york called ridiculous. he called him ridiculous because this man has dared to defy him on large sugary drinks. that man is howard shultz, the ceo of starbucks. >> thank you. up next, wolf, it's his turn to respond to the ridiculous and a prom date like no other how one hopeful young man got this top model's attention. (dog) larry,larry,larrryyy. why take exercise so seriously,when it can be fun? push-ups or sprints? what's wrong with fetch? or chase? let's do this larry! ooh, i got it, i got it! (narrator) the calorie-smart nutrition in beneful healthy weight... includes
start. ncaa tournament, vapsing to the next round of 64. they looked great, didn't they? matthew velavidova. the gales now taking on memphis. that will happen tomorrow. st. marys making back-to-back appearances. >> president obama also a big basketball fan. maybe he didn't pick them to be in the time four because they just played in. >> right that's why. the president did pick his final four in the men's and women's tournament. for the men, florida, indiana, louisville and ohio state. check them again. see if your brackets have any. >> i will do that. the president calling for an upset on the women's side saying cal will beat the mighty stanford cardinals and make it to the final four. these two teams during the regular season split their series, winning one game a piece. the president also picking for his final four baylor, connecticut and notre dame. we can tell you the president's full brackets if you want to check yours against his. it will be out later today. >> they already don't match. i can tell you that. 5:41 right now. >>> federal government getting ready to take up the
. jenna: 23, that is for sure. great to see you as always, thank you. jon: a leading republican lawmaker is raising serious questions about the obama administration's handling of the benghazi terror attacks and the aftermath. senator lindsey graham accuses the white house of telling injured survivers of those attacks to quote, be quite and not share their stories. now he's willing to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this happen. >> i'm going to hold up the pweufs the senate until we get the survivors on record. i've talked to a couple. their story is chilling. they are scared to death to come forward without some institutional support. jon: let's talk about it with bret baier the anchor of special report and a guy who has done a great deal of reporting on what happened in the benghazi situation. there are 33 survivors of the attacks who were evacuated from the diplomatic facilities there, bret? >> reporter: yes, jon, a lot of them fall into the cia category and probably will not be heard from, undercover agents. you do have at least four state department officials, state depa
to support strong bones, and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. and our great taste is guaranteed or your money back. learn more at [ dietitian ] now, nothing keeps mom from doing what she loves... being my mom. >>> president obama may be in israel to discuss the tumult in the middle east, but yesterday his visit looked less like an official state visit and more like an obama/bebe reunion tour. despite the president's rocky past with the prime minister, their reunion was a veritable love fest, complete with back pats, warm embraces and nicknames. at one point, netanyahu suggesteded two go bar-hopping in delltel aviv. the positive mojo that "the atlantic"'s jeffrey goldberg has given the visit a new name, "operation desert schmooze." for their part, the israelis seem thrilled. the jerusalem post said president obama quote had us at shalom. today the bilateral love-in was challenged as president obama tackled the two-state solution. he spoke to the importance of an israeli/palestinian peace. both in interviews with palestinian president mahmoud abbas and moments ago in a h
to be president and who was going to be vice president. tonight, a great story of political mating and eventually cold feet. >>> plus, it's hard for michele bachmann to top herself but she's done it not once but twice this week, including that obama care, love this word, is killing people. remember the death squads and death panels. she's back with them again. michele bachmann pants on fire fact check coming later in the show. let me talk about the fringe right to know even a smidgen of history. this is "hardball," the place for politics. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] yan all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> next week the supreme court hears arguments on the two big cases about same-sex marriage. what a week it's going to be and people are lining u
telling you, we have now great distrust, greater anger, and marginalization, and no one is speaking to it. if someone does --. >> i think president obama was elected in 2008 and 2012 to be the change agent to change the country. >> he has failed. >> he's fail and that is why people are disappointed. >> gentleman, i love to get the insight from you. it is fascinating, three of the smartest guys in the business, john, pat and doug. >> you can get more from the political insiders every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. >> got a second? >> best political strategists of our time, our boss, the ultimate political insider. >> brand new book. >>heather: always time to promote that book of roger ailes? >> could look and feel like winter across the country but this spring could end up being the worst allergy season ever with some strategies to provide the sneezing and watery eyes, that is up next. what are you doing? licking the cream off these oreo cookies. that's stupid. you're wasting the best part. shuh, says the man without a helicopter. wait, don't go! [ male announcer ] choose your side at
arm around bebe netanyahu. he can check the box. he has been to israel as president. he got a great photo-op and will get a few more during his trip. this is trip where the symbolism and politics is very different from the private conversations. i think obama brings two very tough, unpalatable messages to the israelis. number one, don't even think about using military force against iran's nuclear weapons program. and number two, you need to make more concessions to the palestinians to try and reach the two-state solution. so i think the private talks are going to be very, very tough. melissa: wow! so, given that, i mean let's move over to syria for a second. one of israel's top officials saying, it is quote, apparently clear the chemical weapons were recently used in syria, but at the same time, the obama administration says, there is no evidence to support that there was a chemical attack. so you're talking about they're at odds on these other issues. they're at odds on syria as well it sounds like? >> i think we don't know enough facts about what happened. the assad regime claimed
fashions and dresses of up and coming designers. >> michelle obama honestly inspires me to work out my arms because she has such a great body. she is a role model for a lot of women who look up to her. >> she's always dressed very classy. >> reporter: one iconic name that's not in the first lady's closet, oscar de la renta. his fashions have been worn by first ladies, including nancy reagan, hillary clinton, and laura bush. when he was asked in mexico city over the weekend why michelle obama hasn't worn his work, he answered candidly, blaming himself for saying stupid things. >> a relation that started off poorly, well, i don't think will end any differently. >> reporter: in 2009, oscar de la renta criticized mrs. obama for wearing a cardigan when she went to buckingham palace, heeds on more criticism when she wore this dress for alexander mcqueen, a european designer for a state dinner. oscar de la renta did have high praise for the first lady, calling her an extraordinary woman and says she represents her country well. but just as quickly as he praised her, he also seemed to entangle hims
. the problem is, sean, when you look at president obama, it seems he doesn't want to recognize limits to any government power. i think we should stand for limits on government power and individual liberty. >> sean: i watched your speech live at cpac, and great speech, by the way. and you got a rock star welcome there and even some votes. you've only been in the senate for three months and you got some votes for those who would like to see you the next president. there have been questions raised about are you eligible to run for president. you were born in canada? >> well, sean, i'll leave those questions to others to worry about. i've been in the senate now for ten weeks and i've got to tell you, we're in the midst of battle every day with folks coming after our liberties and so my focus is 100% on the u.s. senate and standing up and defending-- >> your mother was a u.s. citizen just to clarify. >> that's correct, my mom was a u.s. citizen so i'm a citizen by birth. >> sean: i think that i hear birther cries building on the left if you ever run. all right, senator, thank you for being with u
you see president obama and prime minister netanyahu making their way to the podium for the joint news conference in jerusalem. it's about 8:30 there. let's take a listen. >> mr. president, barak, it is a great pleasure for me to host you here in jerusalem. you've graciously hosted me many times in washington. so i'm very pleased to have this opportunity to reciprocate. i hope that goodwill and warmth of the people of israel has already made you feel at home. >> very much so. >> we had an opportunity today to begin discussing the wide range of issues that are critical to both our countries. and foremost among these is iran's relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons. mr. president, you have made it clear that you are determined to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. i appreciate your forthright position on this point. i also appreciate that you have noted that you have acted to thwart this threat, both through determined diplomacy, and strong sanctions that are getting stronger yet. notwithstanding our joint efforts and your great success in mobilizing the international community
'donnell. have a great night. we now know that when the president's away, republicans will play the same budget games they play when he's here. >> the united states of america stands with the state of israel. >> obama in israel for the first time as president. >> joking with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu that it was good to get from congress. >> you only tease the ones you love. >> i see this visit as an opportunity. >> this trip is heavy on symbolism. >> what is he taking away. >> he and netanyahu had their differences. >> we know he was sort of a supporter of romney. >> netanyahu preferred romney over obama. >> trying to influence an american election. >> there's a lot of water under the bridge. >> i think it is absolutely outrageous. >> you only tease the ones you love. >> some republicans coil at the party plans for the future. >> i know what our principles are. >> the chairman is in the hot seat. >> i am looking to get into communities in the hundreds. >> show up any time. >> i know what our principles are. >> it is what you say and do when you get there matters most to people.
: this is the "bill press show." >> bill: president obama with a busy third day in israel. he visited the holocaust museum this morning with the prime minister netanyahu, had lunch with the prime minister as well and visited the graves of who of the great founders of israel. when we come back, we're going to talk climate change with kia from the world wildlife fund and maybe we can get some action going on that issue. [♪ theme music ♪] >> bill: hey, good morning, friends and neighbors, good to see you this morning, and welcome to the "full court press," here on current tv. we are coming to you live all the way across this great land of ours from our nation's capital and our studio on capitol hill keeping our eye on what is going on here for starters, where the house yesterday passed the ryan budget. it went to the other side of congress and was immediately shot down. an overwhelming bipartisan vote 79-20. and meanwhile the senate is working on its own budget plan, and they will be voting on that probably today. michele bachmann saying that the ryan budget was important to
think about iraq, let'snk think about snia, too. >>ose: thank you, great to see you. thank you, john tbhark. cambridge. thank you, michael. michael's book "the end game" it is the inside story of the i struggle for iraq from bush to obama. thank you for joining see you next time. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh
think about iraq, let'snk think about bosnia, too. >> rose: thank you, great to see you. thank you, john tbhark. cambridge. thank you, michael. michael's book "the end game" it is the inside story of the i struggle for iraq from bush to obama. thank you for joining see you next time. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ tyin' up my white tie ♪ ♪ brushing off my tails >>> this is "nightly business report." >> moving higher. stocks finish on an up note. still on track for the best quarter in 15 years. >>> water, water not everywhere. how the on going drought is hitting texas especially hard and how it may get worse. >>> and too late or not? why there is still time to refinance your mortgage but you may not want to wait much longer. all that and more coming up right now. welcome to our viewing. >> investors were back in the buying mood as stocks bounced back but still closed loweror the week. the dow snapped the streak of four straight winning weeks and the s&p 500 logging the second losing week in 2013. the market
with the netanyahu government. they've not always had a great relationship, but that relationship is very strong country to country, no matter who the leader is, and it's particularly important because of the issue of iran and syria. no doubt, the obama white house will have to be dealing with. >> he is back wanting to deal with domestic issues including gun control. after sandy hook we all understood there was a narrow window to get change, meaningful change in terms of gun laws. what has happened now in terms of the assault weapons ban, and where all this goes? >> well, the question is whether the moment is effectively lost. i think that's a real question inside the white house among democrats and gun control supporters. the assault weapons ban will get a vote, but it's not going to pass. the big focus is on background checks, and the big political focus is not going away. i sat down with new york city mayor michael bloomberg who talked about his own big push to spend money to target lawmakers. he has taken names based on how they vote on the assault weapons ban. >> i think i have a responsibi
weaponry is of great concern to both israel and the u.s. they have not been on the same page about when they think iran might acquire that capability. these are not netanyahu and israel and obama here not the best of friends. so anything they can do to kind of ease what has been kind of four years of tension between the two would be good so they get on the same page. egypt, you know, the arab spring and the transition from dictatorship, which might have been a dictatorship, but nonetheless certainly helped in terms of the middle east balance of power because it did have a peace treaty with israel. that hasn't gone so well. we're talking about the war in syria spilling over into israel. there's no shortage of things to talk about. and i think i would also just add that presidents in second terms use a broader palette when they go after issues. they are looking at the history books. every president has tried to do something about middle east peace in particular between israel and the palestinians. i think that clock also ticks for the president. >> and how important is it for the u.s. and
for the defense of democracy. he is here to welcome his thoughts. great to see you. >> thank you, uma. great to be here. uma: what but think from the comments from president per rest. >> president's obama's trip woos to assure that he is deadly serious stopping this deadly weapon. uma: president is dealing with netanyahu in the terms of good cop, bad cop scenario in dealing with the iranian threat. >> it is hand about a good cop, bad cop situation. unless he compromises on his nuclear program the united states is fully committed to using military force to destroy iran's nuclear facilities. uma: were you surprised by the comments coming from iran saying exactly if the united states moves forward with they are going to strike israel at a moment's notice? >> well i wasn't surprised. this has been decade of comments from this supreme leader. >> timing of it? >> the timing of it is probably not surprising give the trip. the supreme leader of iran for decades has been committed to destroying israel and rhetoric from him and his compatriots has always been consistent. they are committed to destroyi
if their state will offer a health insurance exchange. i'm sorry. maybe the birthday party isn't so great after all. if you hope to get another one, we have to get ourselves together. jay, the man who until recently was inside the obama administration and responsible for the implementation of president obama's health care law and victoria defrances defrancesco soto. what has been happening. >> well, a lot. insurance companies can't cut off coverage once you reach a certain limit. and most importantly, insurance companies that spend more than 20% of the dollar on profit, they have to refund money to people and in 2012 people around the country got more than a billion dollars back from their nurks that did not comply with the rules. >> and when you talk to your constituents, are people feeling the aca. the the data says people are saying, i haven't been personally impacted by this. >> well, young people have certainly ben the first group of beneficiarie beneficiaries. and it's had an impact on them. i think the hurry to repeal is because teem don't want to see the benefits. we have seen 5$5.7 bil
against both of these restrictions on gay marriage. i assume the four, the clinton and obama appointees are against it. and justice kennedy's hinted in the past he's for gay rights. >> perry bacon jr., great points, awful headline. esther armah, is yours a little jazzier. >> my headline is, if we win, is i now declare you mr. and mrs. precedent. >> prop wait and see. >> that's pretty good, considering the number of mimosas you've had. >> oh! he said it on national tv. >> amy, are you under the influence as well? >> no, no. >> that was last night. >> what's your headline? >> my headline was, "marriage: a state of mind or a federal case?" so on our case, we'll be discussing whether marriage is a state issue -- >> are you trying to plug the blaze here? >> absolutely. real news at the blaze. >> that's going to do it for us right here on a sunday afternoon. perry bacon jr.,esther armah, amy holmes. come back on sunday at 3:00, with the latest political news, analysis, and we also like to have a very good time here. lots of champagne here on the set and in the makeup room. keep it tuned to ms
. >> in the face of our ever so painful loss of christina in our earthly lives, may our prayer be one of great hope. stpho: and ours as well. the bus driver also killed. the team was headed to an away game at the time of that unfortunate accident. martha: well critics are calling out president obama's trip to israel for being less about substance and more about photo ops they say. wednesday's trip will be the first time that president obama has visited the u.s. ally as president. i'm joined now by myra miller and adviser to house speaker john boehner and senior vice president at the winston group. and doug schoen, fox news contributor. myra, that is the criticism. the white house says they have a lot of important plans for this trip and it's very significant since it's the president's first trip there, what say you? >> any time the economy is in the situation it is now it tends to evoke questions about why he would go overseas. this is much more about atmospherics over substance. surveys continue to show the american public is very supportive of israel and sympathetic. but it calls i b into questio
. it's great seeing you. >> how are you, becky. >> good. people have come on the show and said because of obama care premiums are going down. you say get ready for sticker shock. >> i think the economy has driven that. and people fear of unemployment and slower economy people have less disposable income. so i think as we look forward i think the big impact is going to be on the individual market. as i have said before, based on all the things that we need to do, raising actuarial benefits from below 50% up to 60%, that's a 20% increase. including taxes and fees put on the affordable care act to pay for the people who are uninsured. that's another 5.5% to 6%. and normal trend, all of a sudden we're at 32% on average. >> if someone is trying to renew their health care coverage, they can expect 32% more? >> on average. >> what if they didn't have $64 -- you saw that early last week. insurance companies that ask corporations to pay that because you have to cover people that are really sick. how is that going to work itself out? why do you assist on that? >> we didn't insist on that. that's
an equally thrilling, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them with the exhilarating is 250. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> in syria, both sides report the use of chemical weapons and this is where president obama says he draws the line. so what happens next? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >>> tragedy in training. seven marines killed during an exercise in nevada. we're hearing what happened in their final moments. >>> plus one researcher says it's possible to reverse death. why extinction may not matter anymore. >>> and -- ♪ is justin timberlake america's biggest male pop star in you'll hear the argument. let me begin with this developing story out of hawaii. a civilian defense contractor has allegedly passed secret information to his mistress, a much younger woman from china. brian todd is digging on this it one. what you can tell us? >> this man who was arrested, benjamin bishop, had top secret clearance, worked for a defense contractor doing work for the u.s. military pacific command
about -- not even trying to do anything about gun safety during the first four years of the obama administration. but at least, after newtown, after newtown, the president i mean, he went after tucson after gabby giffords, gave a great speech. did nothing. after newtown, he went up there, that had -- that shook up the entire nation and the president got his resolve and he came out and he said, you know we've got a lot of things we ought to do in this area of gun safety to protect our children, which is our number 1 responsibility. we have to talk about closing those loopholes and background checks and making sure that every gun purchase is accompanied by criminal background checks. we have to do something about these straw purchases and make that a more serious crime and eliminate them if we can. we have to do something about these high-capacity magazines. we have got to do something about these assault weapons. i mean, so it's not just one measure. it's a panoply, if you will a whole group of measures that should be taken up the president said, by
starting something with me already? >> not yet. that was a great week. phil gramm paid the week before. you paid the following week. i may have to have obama run every year. >> appetizers, coffee, two entrees. >> well, i'm a fat cat. >>> look at lulu lemon. one cent before than the street was expecting. earnings for the fiscal year are short of expectations. we told you lulu lemon announcing it is withdrawing its popular line of yoga pants because you could see through it in too many places. follow us on twitte twitter @squawkcnbc. >>> up next, cyprus running close to empty. what does it mean for the eurozone recovery? we'll talk about that right after this. >> right now, take a look at the european markets this morning. you have seen declines. part of this is because of the economic numbers that came in europe. cac is done 1%. "squawk" will be right back. >>> we're here on bourbon street in the big easy talking about deals. deal makers and what's on top for mergers and acquisitions in 2013. "squawk" is back right after this. >>> >>> coming up, march money madness is here. who do you think
at the end of his term. we'll see if president obama has success. he came here with a somewhat dysfunctional relationship with the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, and they were actually have been frosty in the past and either they're great actors or becoming better friends. >> it was important success the president accomplished getting israel to apologize to turk key for the deadly commando raid in 2010 that killed nine people. he's pushing israel to start peace talks with palestinians. how likely is that to get back on track and how important is the apology from benjamin netanyahu? >> reporter: the two things are not connected at all but could be connected down the road. turkey is a key u.s. ally, israel is a key u.s. ally, syria is in the middle. iran, you have questions what's happening in egypt, these are two countries in the region the american president needs to trust and likes to trust, he'd like to work together on the big challenges. the relationship in turkey the train was off the tracks for three years. that was something the president worked on quietly for months and
. >> bill: lazy, lazy, lazy. >> jessie: i'm having flashbacks now. >> alisyn: great job. thanks so much for being here. let's get to the top story. president obama tour in jordan. play tourist and visit the ancient city of petra. ramp up criticism of syrian president bashar assad. >> ed henry is live this morning in amman jordan with the very latest. good morning, ed. >> good toe sue i goose, interesting. because as you know you have got syria on jordan's northern border. and there are hundreds of thousands of refugees spilled out because of that ongoing civil war. all that strife. the violence, president assad killing his own people. they are winding up here in jordan. many of them and there is a lot of pressure building. damaging his economy big time pressure on president obama at home all around the world to intervene in some way. carl levin saying saying there should be some kind of surgical air strike. maybe the president should help set up a no-fly zone around syria to pressure assad. the bottom line is the president at a news conference here yesterday said he feels like it's a si
if that market's starting to look pretty overheated. dagen: bob, great talking. thank you so much. i hope to see you very, very soon. >> caller: okay, good speaking with you. dagen: bob, take care. >> caller: thank you. con cop another big story, president obama will come out expected to nominate thomas perez, current u.s. assistant attorney general to take the place of the labor secretary. dagen: this could stir up controversy on capitol hill. joining us now with reaction is "wall street "wall street journal" editorial board member, jason. you get first dibs. connell: thank you very much for the floor. the controversy vowndz, -- surrounds, what, jason? an over active secretary? >> well, the record of justice, the obama administration is tooting the fact that he oversaw lending elements at the justice department, but not talking about the methods used in the cases. he used desperate impact, a way, basically, of using statistics to prove discrimination. if more blacks denied home loans than whites, that's automatically racial discrimination. more black kids sus pended rather than white kids, that
with leaders while he's here. he's also speaking directly to the israeli people who do not have a great approval rating for him. a recent poll in israel showed only 10% of israelis said they liked president obama. about another 30% said they didn't necessarily like him but they at least respected him. in this speech he is going to give to about 1,000 college students is designed to speak directly to the israeli population to see if he can't convince the israeli population that he's right that america has their back, and perhaps that can get more movement out of prime minister netanyahu if president obama is able to rally support from the israeli people themselves. >>brian: here's the unscripted part. the story yesterday about syria possibly using poisonous gas, poisonous chemicals, gas, on the rebels. they're accusing each other of using this. that now becomes front and center; correct? >> it certainly becomes an issue. this probably shows the relationship we're seeing right now between the united states and israel that is not necessarily while the united states and israel are friends,
with martha stewart. thank you. >> that's great. you have a check on the news, right? >> let's get to our headlines this morning. president obama said that we cannot give up on the search for peace in the middle east. this after meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas in the west bank. the president said the u.s. is deeply committed to an independent and sovereign state of palestine, alongside israel, achieved through direct negotiations. overnight, another sign of volatility in the region. militants in gaza fired rockets into southern israel. today president obama also addresses israeli youth. >>> a manhunt is under way in colorado following a brazen and deadly attack on the director of the state department of corrections. tom clements was shot and killed as he opened the front door of his home on tuesday night. officials are now looking for a car seen near his home before the shooting. investigators have no suspects, and no motive. >>> as early as today, the house is expected to vote on a budget bill that would avert a government shutdown. the senate approved the bill wednesday
. we are not in the dinosaurs age, and is that the obama campaign had a good analytical team, did it operates its, but they had a good message, and a great message that could reach out to not only voters who turned out in 2008, but expand on that coalition. a greata campaign had operation in place. while we sit back and figure out when republicans will revive, when the civil war will end between the establishment wing and the tea party wing, i am for the tea party one. keep going. i like this candidate spirit they'd make me look say. these candidates. they make me looks a sane. both political parties are in pretty rough shape. while the republicans have 10 10%, we have 30 percent . 2014 is important for the democratic party. we have to look at the electorate and make sure that our message and future messages will galvanize and motivate those to turn out voters as well. >> how long is the democratic party the party of barack obama? when it does that shift so it goes back to the clinton era, if hillary chooses to run? gwen d.c. that shift take place? >> as a president goes through
pressing for this in the election last year. this seemed like a great issue. but the people felt that either party have anything concrete for 100 million working poor. would pick it up. president obama promised $9.50 but 2011, he never mentioned it in 2012. because he did not mention it, the democratic practice of the party was that no other candidate would mention it because that would embarrass the president. they even muzzled people like elizabeth warren and chris murphy. the state of the union speech he mentioned $9 by 2015, going backwards. so, now there are bills in congress and the one that we favor, h.r. 1346, just introduced last thursday by alan grayson from florida, and it was entitled -- catching up with 1968. 1346. host: our guest is ralph nader, the author of the book 17 solutions -- the author of the book "17 solutions." to join the conversation and speak with mr. nader, for republicans, 202-585-3881. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for independents, 202-585-3882. see theld you like to president called for in terms of minimum wage? you mentioned what he talked about n
. and now investigators want to know how it could possibly happen. >>> president obama about to make his first visit to israel since taking office. but how happy are the israelis to receive him? >> call it the great cookie caper. the girl scouts, duped. so will anyone step up before the cookies crumble? ouch. welcome back to "early start," i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. it is monday, march 18th. >>> we do have some breaking news. we've just learned that an improvised explosive device, devices, actually, have been found at the university of central florida. classes have been canceled until at least noon today. police received a 911 call about a suspect with a gun right after midnight. approximately 500 students were evacuated from the dorm on the central campus. this is in orlando. the explosive devices were found, we're being told, along with one person who was found dead. it looks like that person killed him or herself with a single gunshot wound. no word on the identity of that person. we will have more on this breaking news story as it comes in. again, ieds found at the uni
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. >> definitely. >>> coming up, the beauty queen that president obama wanted to meet. miss israel joins us for an exclusive interview. [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. the stunning lexus es. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. cisco. michael, tell us why you used to book this fabulous hotel? well you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it, and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. now you can save up to 50% during priceline's spring hotel sale use promo code spring for additional savings on all express deals, including pet friendly hotels. express deals. priceline savings without the bidding. >>> now a cnn exclu
out of his way to show great empathy towards the israeli people and boy is it working. front page of both daily newspapers here, you say president obama here and also on their version of the "new york times," here he says demand peace from your leaders. this is an attempt by the president yesterday in his major address not only to the israeli student population but also to the entire country that was televised to say this is my vision for what the middle east should look like. and while it may not jive exactly with benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister here, this is what you need to demand as a population. it was meant as a way to counter feelings in israel that perhaps president obama is anti-israeli. analysts say he accomplished that feat of being able to sway public opinion here by this massive charm offensive which was very well choreographed. today a little bit more of the ceremonial types of things. laying a wreath at mount hertzel ceremony where famous leaders are buried. he visited the holocaust memorial and then he has lunch with prime minister netanyahu. this is their t
the great united states of america from becoming greece or spain or perhaps something worse. the sky is falling. we also, on this committee, subcommittee, had a hearing that was entitled the obama administration regulatory war on the economy. very ominous. the sky apparently is falling, notwithstanding the fact that the administration has created about 6 million private sector jobs. today, there is a thing advanced by some, again, not questioning the views of many good faith members, but the theme is that criminals have been unleashed on the american public. the question that has been posed is, is this policy or politics? parenthetically that i believe in my reading of the 22nd amendment, barack obama is constitutionally prohibited from running for office again because he was elected and reelected. i'm not sure how politics could make their way into this discussion from the electoral context. putting that aside, the issue of whether criminals have recklessly been unleashed on the american public is an interesting one. i have about 2220 people who are at issue in terms of their releas
ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. new great grains protein blend. >>brian: secretary of state john kerry making a surprise visit this weekend to baghdad. it's been a little more than a year since president obama ended war in iraq bringing the u.s. troops home. with little influence left in that war-torn country trying to rebuild the secretary is having trouble urging iraq's leaders to stop aiding iran and allowing the overflights of iran, what we believe to be weapons, ammunitions over to syria. the iranians are using iraqi airspace to make that happen. john kerry wants it to stop. how did he do? joining me now a man who fought in that war, c.e.o. of concerned veterans for america, pete hegseth. how much leverage does the skraeufrt have? >> not very much. you might say that this is our chickens coming home to roost. when you don't follow through and don't have influence and don't have a relationship then the prime minister of iraq is more likely to hedge towards iran and his neighbors to the east than he is to help us because we don't have that inf
of ambassador holblook, secretary clinton and president obama asked marc if he would come back and pick up this portfolio which he did. we are, i think as americans here anyway, all enormously greatful to him for doing that and for coming back today to share his thoughts with us on silent s ahead in the campaign in afghanistan. so please join me in welcoming ambassador grossman. [applause] > thank you very much. first of all, thank you very much for the opportunity to be here. i've had a chance on a number of occasions to stand at this podium and talk about foreign policy issues but i'm glad to be here today to talk about this diplomatic campaign in pakistan and afghanistan. i want to say one of the good things about speaking to a washington audience, when jessica goes through the jobs you've had everyone goes uh-huh, uh-huh. >> i was somewhere speaking and someone said here is ambassador grossman. i want to say what a pleasure it is to see so many people here in the audience who i have had the great benefit of learning from for many years. without drawing any distinctions i hope you'll al
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